Conspirasaurus Rex

I’m a reasonable person, I have reasonable beliefs. I may not believe in God, my faith may in science. I believe in karma, I believe in love, and I believe in our right to an opinion. So is it completely unreasonable and implausible that Dinosaurs were actually a creation of the government to make humans fear extinction?

Stay with me for a minute. Everyone shits their pants every time a new theory comes out about the end of the world, despite the fact that these theories have been changing for centuries and yet here are. People just keep buying it. There is evidence to the existence of dinosaurs, but how easy would it be for the government to plant all that stuff. I think that hundreds of years ago some guy decided he wanted to plant fear into the human psyche and make us all believe that one of these days we’re all just going to fall off the face of the planet.

Yes, there has been more animals other then dinosaurs that have become extinct. But this is because of over hunting, changing the animals habitat’s or maybe the government keeps killing them off to induce the fear.

I’m just saying.


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