Tutorial: Basic Fishtail Braid

Summer will soon be upon us, which means you need to master the fishtail braid. It’s the perfect hairstyle for any occasion because it’s quick, easy and casual while still being pretty enough for a date and edgy enough for a night out.

  1. Start off by pulling all your hair to one side and dividing it into two sections.
  2.  Take a small section from the outside of one half and cross it over the front of the other side adding it to the other section.
  3. Repeat on the other side with a same sized section of hair.
  4. Continue down the length of your hair.
  5. Finish by adding your own personal touch with accessories.

Hint: Adding some texturing wax will give it extra grip and a beachy texture.

You can pull hairs out to make it a bit looser and messier,  or you can add flowers or ribbon. I personally find that as the day goes on my braid always ends up looking better. Braids are definitely my go-to when I just want my hair out of the way. I really like fish tail braids because they’re pretty casual but can be dressed up.


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