I’ve always been a fan of Pink, from her first single There You Go right up until her newly released album, The Truth About Love. Pink has always been known to right about her life experiences, her parents separation, her own possible split from husband Carey Hart and all the struggles of her life. So when she released the first single from The Truth About Love, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) I thought that perhaps she was letting us in on the secret that she and Carey had finally split for good, until I heard the rest of the album. If given the chance, I’d like to ask Alecia Beth Moore, “What were you experiencing when you wrote these songs?” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THE ALBUM. Pink certainly as a way to make her listener laugh and have fun when listening to her albums, to me they’re not just songs, they’re anthems to life. Every song on this album seems to be about having fun with life, sleeping around, and not giving a RAT’S ASS what the world thinks of you now or ever. From Here Comes The Weekend to Slut like you, the album is a hell of a good time. But of course, it wouldn’t be a Pink album without one or two heart breakers, like The Great Escape about not allowing a friend to commit suicide. She also collaborated with various artists like Nate Ruess and Eminem, who she’s worked with before. From the first beat of Here Comes The Weekend, you could tell Eminem was going to show up. This album is great, but then again it is Pink so who expected otherwise?

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