After being the talk of the town because of her incredibly sexual VMA performance with Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus has released a video for her latest single; a sincere and genuine lyrical tale of breaking down emotional walls and letting someone in. I was actually really impressed with this particular song. It explodes with emotion, as does the video which features Miley surrounded by stone walls that she gradually destroys with a wrecking ball and sledgehammer. It’s raw and haunting as Miley cries into the camera with waves of both sadness and anger. Why are people talking about this video? It also features Miley riding said wreck ball, naked. Most people seem to be viewing Miley in a negative light because of this but I find it to be an artistic decision that frankly, needed to be done. The song is about exposing yourself, wholeheartedly, to another human being. We all know how hard it can be to be completely emotionally naked with someone else. Miley nailed it with this video. Whether or not this song is a heartbreaking good-bye to Liam Hemsworth, something feels heavier in this song. Keep doing what you’re doing Miley, I applaud you.

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