It seems that matcha madness has really taken over lately. If you’re not familiar with this new trend, Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder. It holds all the benefits of green tea (boosts metabolism, antioxidant rich, boosts immunity, detoxifies) times like a hundred because you’re consuming the entire green tea leaf instead of just steeping it. One cup of Matcha = 10 cups of regular green tea. I’ve become a matcha enthusiastic for sure, going so far as to add a tablespoon to waffles, pancakes, french toast. It can be used to season eggs, or rice. It can be added to smoothies (which I love). Matcha is also great for the skin. Green Tea has naturally occurring caffeine that is a healthier than coffee and won’t leave you with that coffee crash, so Matcha is great to replace your morning coffee or just for an extra punch in the middle of your work day. I recently recommended the switch to my mom, who works in a nursing home, and she finds that she doesn’t feel as drained at the end of her day like she did when she drank coffee. So I thought I would tell you all about the types of matcha I’ve tried and where you can find them!

Steeped Tea Vanilla Matcha:

I’ve only tried the Vanilla matcha from the company Steeped Tea. You can visit their website to find a representative near you or you can order off the website ( This tea has a very warm vanilla flavouring, nothing too sweet. But it is obviously a very present flavor. I like to add milk to this one for a little extra creaminess, It’s great for lattes and this is my personal favourite to add to baking. There’s no grassy undertones. It’s got a very smooth finish. David’s tea also has a vanilla matcha available that I haven’t tried personally but I’m told it’s very good and the vanilla is smooth and subtle.

Steeped Tea Sweet Strawberry Matcha:

This is another Steeped Tea matcha product that is available on their website or you can find a local representative on their website as well. It has real strawberry flavour (not artifical), you may even find the odd strawberry seed in the tea. It has a very subtle strawberry flavour which I quite like in this one. There’s no grassiness in the taste and it’s great for adding to smoothies. Can be mixed with Lemonade for a sweet strawberry lemonade.

Steeped Tea Pineapple Punch Matcha:

Another Steeped Tea product, this has a very pungent pineapple flavour, that you can smell as soon as you add the water. Great iced. Not grassy.

Steeped Tea Melon Ball:

Yet Another Steeped tea matcha, it has a very subtle honeydew melon flavour that is very nice, great hot or cold. Soothing and not grassy.

David’s Tea Mocha Matcha:

This is one of my personal favourite matchas. It’s already sweetened with coconut nectar and it’s naturally flavoured. Its got a very smooth finish and a subtle and smooth flavour. I like to add a little milk sometimes for extra creaminess. Fantastic latte and I have never tried using it in baking but I imagine it would taste very good! David’s Tea Products are available only in David’s Tea stores and online, they have very fast shipping and free shipping when you spend $50+, they also often have great promotions.

David’s Tea Mint Matcha:

This is one of the most flavourful flavoured matcha’s that I can recommend. It’s a fresh, peppermint flavour that’s great to sweeten the breath. I often drink peppermint tea to settle my stomach and this matcha is a common occurrence in my cup. David’s Tea Products are available only in David’s Tea stores and online, they have very fast shipping and free shipping when you spend $50+, they also often have great promotions.

Teavana Peach Matcha:

This is a new product at Teavana that comes in individual sized packets. I found the flavour was pretty subtle, there was a slightly strong green tea flavour to this matcha. I think I would prefer this particular matcha iced to drinking it hot. Available only at Teavana.


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