I’ve heard a lot lately about this magical makeup sponge, “Beauty Blender”. So I told my mom about it and she sent me one as an early birthday gift. I’ve used it a couple times now and I don’t think my makeup has ever looked this good! I used the Original (Pink) Beauty Blender for my foundation and concealer. I use MAC Cosmetics ProLongwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation and the ProLongwear Concealer in NC15 for my fair, oily complexion. My face looks airbrushed, and I actually found that I got better coverage while using less product.

How It Works:

It’s edgeless, eliminating streaks and lines. The material ensures that the makeup sits on top of the sponge instead of being absorbed by retaining just the right about of water, so no product is wasted and you actually end up using less. The egg shaped and the small tip is great for ge51m0LO2AmYL._SY355_tting into crevices around the nose and eyes.

How To Use:

The Beauty Blender is used by wetting, gently towel drying/squeezing out excess water GENTLY, and applying the foundation to your sponge and dabbing it onto your face, bouncing the product across your skin. Do not throw away the canister it comes in as you’ll be able to set the sponge on top of the canister to let it air dry after use.

Types of Beauty Blenmore-than-makeup-e1445360143730ders:

They offer a number of different sponges;
The pro, meant for long wear makeup, bronzer, self tanner –
Pure, meant for moisturizers, eye creams, primers-
The Micro.Mini, for concealers, contouring/highlighting, spot coverage –
The Original, which is the one I have, meant for foundation, blush, BB + CC Cream, cream blushes.

But I honestly believe you could just use the original to do all of these things. There are also a few other options on their website, including the new Nude Beauty Blender, and they are about to release a new tool meant to help perfect your liquid liner application.

Cleaning your sponge:

They also sell a cleanser in both a liquid and a solid form, but I’ve done some research and you can use just a gentle cleanser like a baby wash to clean your sponge. It’s not a disposable sponge, just take good care of your sponge and it should last you for months which makes it well worth the $28 dollars you spend at Sephora.



I’m really excited about this new product and what it has done for my makeup application! Can’t wait to get trying it with liquid contouring/highlighting.  5/5. 


Beauty Blender website:


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