MAC has a line of products designed to prep your skin for makeup application, leaving the skin smooth and creating the perfect canvas. The line includes a Prep + Prime product for every inch of your face;primer, finishing sprays and powders, highlighter, BB and  CC creams, mascara primer and eyeshadow primer and more.  I’ve tried a couple of products from this line and these are my thoughts!

Prep + Prime Skin

A lightweight gel lotion primer to prep skin for foundation application. Helps even skin tone and calms redness. Oil- Free. I absolutely loved this primer, it made me skin feel like silk and applskinying my foundation over it was incredibly easy. My foundation blended flawlessly over this primer and my skin was left looking smooth and airbrushed. The primer blurs imperfections so my skin looked clearer, less red and more evenly toned as soon as I applied it. The one thing that I don’t like about this primer is that it comes in a black pump jar, so I can’t tell when I’m close to running out so I can order more!  $37 CAN

Prep + Prime Lip

This is a product I could probably do without. It’s a colour free lipstick base that moisturizes and smooths cracks before applying your lipstick. It’s also supposed to stop feathering. While I did notice that this product did smooth my lips and made applying matte liplipsticks a lot easier, I did not think that this helped with feathering at all and it actually made my lipstick rub off much more easily. It also affected the colour of the lipsticks, it wasn’t as rich or highly pigmented because your lips are sort of “slippery” instead of being a dry canvas. It was like applying my lipstick over a lip balm if you’ve ever done that. $20 CAN

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder – Pressed

This is a product that I really loved. I prefer the pressed powder to the loose because it’s a little less messy and I feel like I waste less product. I hate loose powders. This product reapowderlly gave my face a nice smooth look after I applied my foundation. It set my makeup, leaving it looking airbrushed. And even after a long day, my face still looked smooth and fresh. It’s oil free and helps reduce shine. It’s also colourless so it won’t affect the colour of your face at all.  $31 CAN

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