In the last year or two purple lipstick is something that has really become a staple in beauty. You can rock it in dark, dramatic colours,  you can choose a fun, funky, vibrant violet or you could use a soft, pastel lilac or lavender. I personally think that darker shades are a safer bet because they’re the least “unusual” and many of them aren’t far off from a burgundy. Some people may think that certain colours work better for different skin tones. But I have corpse skin and I truly believe that if you love it – you can rock it. I love, love, love the drama that a dark colour creates against my fair skin but I am also obsessed with how bright magenta and violets make my blue eyes pop. So today I am going to be showing a number of colours to you and giving a review of the formula. Some of the colours I have are very true purples, some are more of a berry purple with reddish undertones, some are very vibrant shades and some are darker. I’ve tried to supply photos that are taken in different lighting to showcase each colour.


This is a blackberry, so while it is a blackened purple, it’s a safer shade because it could also be considered a shade of burgundy.  Blackberry shades have a slightly more red undertone where Blackened Plums are straight up dark purples. Although a this shade is definitely purple in the right lights. It’s buildable so you could go darker if you layer it. The everlasting liquid lipstick is a favourite of mine. This colour is really pretty to ombre with black, I like to use the Everlasting Liquid lipstick in Witches when I use black. Using a liquid lipstick makes ombre lips easy.  Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is very long lasting and highly pigmented, but can be a little drying so I like to use a lip scrub before applying and give my lips a break from this line every few days.



The Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick is the product that originally introduced me to, and made me fall in love with, the Kat Von D Cosmetic line. They all have a beautiful matte finish, they’re long lasting, highly pigmented and come in a variety in dramatic and fun colours. Because it’s a matte formula they are a harder lipstick and can be a little harder to spread on your lips which is really the only flaw this lipstick has. Kat Von D lipsticks have a true matte finish compared to the MAC Matte finished lipsticks. Now as far as this particular colour, Coven is a pastel lavender that I bought and really wasn’t in love with my first shot. But almost a year later I tried it again and I actually really loved it. I think that the way my hair styled really made all the difference in how the colour was represented on my face. The pastel color is really unique and I loved that it was a pretty and girly colour that brightened my blue eyes but because using the colour as a lipstick is so unusual, it was actually super edgy. I also got a complimented from a male friend that he thought it looked cool which was unexpected.



This lipstick is a matte finish magenta/fuchsia purple from MAC. It’s very pigmented and vibrant, it’s a really funky colour that always makes me think of David Bowie. This is probably my most vibrant shade of purple in my personal collection and my favourite thing about it is how it really makes my eyes stand out while still bringing your attention to my lips. MAC has really great lipsticks, the colours are rich and they come in a variety of finishes. Mattes are my favourite because they’re longer lasting than say the creme sheen finish, and the darker/brighter colours tend to wear a little long than the nudes. Say I take a drink while wearing a MAC lipstick there’s a lot of lipstick left over on my drink but I know that my lips are probably still looking fresh so you may feel the need to touch up when you notice this happen to you but the color will linger on your lips a little longer than it seems and it wears pretty even so you won’t end up with just a ring of colour along the outer line of your lips. This purple actually appears to stain my lips a bit but a hot pink colour, not a purple, because of the magenta undertones. It’s a really fun summer “party purple”, and one of my personal favourites. You may want to use a lip liner with MAC lipsticks as they may feather. They’re soft, smooth and easy to apply.



Another from the MAC Cosmetics Lipstick line is this blackened plum. It’s a dark shade that is very obvious a shade of purple, with blue undertones. Very highly pigmented, this colour isn’t buildable to darken like the Kat Von D Exorcism. Instigator is rich and has a creamy application with a matte finish. It may feather slightly as MAC lipsticks often do because of their softer formula but a lip liner or lip primer will help. I don’t experience as much feathering with this colour as I do with some others. It’s pretty long lasting but is transferable so you may need to touch up after drinking and will definitely need to reapply after eating. Drinking will wear the colour only a little. There is a huge contrast between this shade and my fair skin. This is one of my favourite dark shades that I have in my personal collection.


This is another Kat Von D product in the Studded Kiss lipstick formula, it’s a very rich matte violet. I think it’s pretty similar to Heroine from MAC but with way less pink undertones. They do look pretty similar in photos although LUV is a true violet. L.U.V is very highly pigmented so you get really vibrant colour with just one layer, there’s no thickness and it feels very smooth and hydrating on your lips. It does last pretty long but will transfer a little every time you take a drink and will need to reapply after eating anything you don’t use utensils for. This colour is also offered in the Everlasting Liquid lipstick formula which is a little longer wearing but it has a dry finish which some people may not like. This is my favourite violent shade in my personal collection and I really love the formula.



This is a liquid lipstick formula that comes in a tube and has a sponge tip. The only thing I don’t like about the tube is that the tip seems to get plugged and the product is tough to squeeze out. You do get pretty good precision and a smooth application otherwise. This formula doesn’t dry out your lips because it doesn’t completely dry, it doesn’t have a fully matte finish. It’s pretty pigmented but not as rich or highly pigmented as the MAC blackened plums or the Kat Von D formula. This lipstick isn’t as long wear as the Kat Von D lipsticks, as I’ve experienced it wear in the middle and leave a ring around the outside of my lips if I were drinking. It definitely doesn’t last through a meal. I would say that the overall colour is most similar to MAC’s Instigator. It’s not my go-to formula but I really like this colour and the name is very fitting!



This is a limited edition colour but I wanted to show it anyway. It’s a blackened plum with a matte finish by MAC as part of their Ariana Grande Viva Glam line where the money from each purchase goes to the MAC AIDs Fund. The MAC AIDs fund is financed entirely by the sales of their Viva Glam products and 100% of the profits are donated to the foundation so I like to always grab at least one lipstick for myself when they bring out a new colour and I’ll maybe buy a couple to give as gifts to my friends. This blackened plum is different than Instigator has it has more of a reddish undertone.  The colour is very well pigmented but it does feather a little so you might want to use a primer or lip liner.



This is another plum from MAC but it’s not a blackened plum, at least not to my standards of “blackened”. It’s a creme sheen finish which means it’s a little glossy and a little more sheer, not as highly pigmented as the matte finish. You can see in the photos that it’s a little more glossy because of the way my lips reflect the light. I personally would describe it’s undertones as kind of brownish. I really like this colour but I’m not a huge fan of the creme sheen finish just because I really love a true matte look. This one kind of grows on me the more I wear it because it does add a certain edge. Creme sheen finishes don’t last quite as long as the matte finish because they’re not as thick but one thing that I really like about this lipstick, and I think it’s because of the creme sheen finish, they wear off very differently from the matte finish because they’re a little sheer. It’s less noticeable when they wear off, instead of being very noticeable wearing in the center of your lips like it is with many matte lipsticks. This colour is far less burgundy than it looks in some of these photos as well, it’s a very true plum colour.



Now, I am by no means a gloss girl. I hate it. I hate the way it feels and I hate how absolutely everything gets stuck in it. But I had heard such great things about the NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss so I bought a couple and this lip gloss is absolutely no exception to my hatred. While this colour is really fun and vibrant, highly pigmented but the formula is just awful. It feels sticky and thick, and just looks sloppy for the most part. I also find that a glossy finish on a bright colour like this is a little tacky. I wasn’t even thinking and I applied this before I ate breakfast and it made a huge mess. It wears and rubs off on everything creating a huge mess and smearing it onto my skin. Besides the colour the only thing I liked about this gloss was the smell which is kind of a vanilla scent. I’m not completely turned off from NYX lip products, I will probably try some of their matte finish lip sticks but I will never spend money on this lip gloss again. All I can think about it how I’m supposed to skip washing my hair tomorrow but my hair keeps getting stuck in my purple lip gloss.



This colour is essentially the same as the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Exorcism but it’s just a different formula. It’s a blackberry which means that its a blackened purple with a red undertone so in some lights it looks kinda berry wine/burgundy. Its very pigmented, has a smooth application and it isn’t drying like the liquid formula. However, it also doesn’t last quite as long and it’s more likely to bleed or feather. Keep in mind that while I say the Studded Kiss Lipstick doesn’t last quite as long as the liquid lipstick, this formula is still very, very long wearing. So when choosing between these two Kat Von D blackberry lippies it’s best to just grab the formula you would prefer.


So this is another Kat Von D lipstick in the Studded Kiss formula. It is a bright, vibrant and highly pigmented iridescent violet. With the iridescent finish it looks pretty magenta in most lighting. If you’ve ever seen those mermaid leggings you’ll know the rainbow sort of luminous, reflective finish that an iridescent lipstick would have. Although photos don’t really capture the iridescent shimmer at all, you’ll notice how a couple of these photos look more magenta and some look a little more purple (similar to L.U.V) because of the lighting. This one had a different texture upon application, almost gritty but not uncomfortable. The colour also seemed to wear over the span of the afternoon but not because of transferring, it just sort of faded gradually.

Animal Testing:

Kat Von D Cosmetics are all vegan and cruelty free.

MAC Cosmetics are not listed as cruelty free because they are sold in China where it is legally required for all cosmetics to be tested on animals before being sold. A third party conducts the testing, not MAC.

Too Faced cosmetics are certified cruelty free and many of their products are also vegan, a list of their vegan products are on their website.

NYX Cosmetics is certified cruelty – free.

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