I am a huge fan of Lush because of their natural, handmade, cruelty free products. They sell a huge range of products from bath and body to makeup and skincare. Recently I received the Happy Daze wrapped gift from my in-laws for my birthday. The Wrapped Gifts are pre-wrapped collections of products that make great presents for any occasion. This gift box includes 2 bath bombs and 2 bubble bars and all of the products are vegan.

Granny Takes A Dip (Bath Bomb)
Fizzbanger(Bath Bomb)
The Comforter(Bubble Bar)
Brightside(Bubble Bar)

Brightside Bubble Bar

If you’ve ever bought this bubble bar you’ll know that the usual Brightside bubble bar is quite large and can be broken into pieces to give you 3-4 baths and this bar produces a ton of bubbles that last a long time. In this box there is a smaller version of the bar (about half the sizes of the original) that could maybe give you 2 baths but it was pretty hard and I couldn’t get it to crumble or break so it was only 1 bath. There were a lot of bubbles and they were very long lasting, there was still bubbles when I decided to get out of the tub. I absolutely love the citrus scent of this bubble bar, it’s refreshing and energizing while still allowing you to have a very relaxing bath experience. My skin is left feeling soft, smooth and beautifully scented. This is definitely one of my favourite LUSH Bubble Bars.

The Comforter Bubble Bar

This is a blackcurrant scented bubble bar that is usually sold as a 200g bubble bar but the Happy Daze box includes a 100g bar, same as Brightside. This bar was a lot easier to break so I am going to manage getting 2 baths out of this one. This scent is fruity/sweet and creamy, kind of reminds me of the Creamy Candy bubble bar or the Mmmm Bar with a tinge of a tart berry scent. If you like the Rockstar or Godmother soap, you’ll like the scent of this bubble bar. My skin is left feeling so soft and smooth with a beautiful sweet scent. This bar produces a lot of bubbles and is definitely a favourite, I feel incredibly relaxed!

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is yellow on the outside and blue in the inside so when it’s added to hot water it’s kind of like a relaxing bath and a show all in one. Each colour is differently scented so what the bomb smells like initially isn’t what you smell at the end of your bath. You may choose to use a strainer to add this to your tub as there’s a little slip of paper in the middle that says BANG but the one piece of paper is an easy clean up if you choose to just throw it into the tub. The website says this bomb has a cinnamon apple scent, I would describe it as a little spicy but not bold. It left my skin really soft but there wasn’t really a lingering scent. These bath bombs are really great for regular use to keep away dry patches. You can really feel the fizzing touch your skin which I find really relaxing.

Granny Takes A Dip

This bath bomb was actually discontinued and recreated as a bubble bar. It’s a big bath bomb which I like because more is always better. I don’t really know how to describe the scent, it’s soft, warm and subtle. The website says its ginger, pepper and lemon oil. It’s a very soothing scent and it creates a really relaxing bathing experience. My skin was left soft but not noticeably scented. I definitely think I would purchase this scent as a bubble bar.

Happy Daze Wrapped Gift retails at $29.95 CA and is available on LUSH.CA and in store

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