I tagged along to a Younique party over the weekend so I wanted to share my thoughts. I didn’t take photos during the party but I tested a lot of the products. Everything was pretty natural and light, not a lot of pigmentation or colour pay off.

The lipstick colours that this rep had didn’t get too crazy, a lot of just pinks and neutrals with a couple red shades. The glosses came in more bold shades like bright reds and hot pinks.

I did notice that the Addiction 3 eye shadow palette had a very rich matte black shade. The eye shadow palettes were very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palettes but these are definitely not shadows you would want to apply without a primer because they’re not very vibrant on their own.

The liquid eye liners applied really smooth and the colours were very rich. They came in a precision pen with a felt tip which is definitely my preferred type of liquid liner. The eye liner pencils were very creamy and came in a lot of different colours. The gold shade caught my eye so I swatched it and it applied creamy but not very pigmented colour.

My main review here is the lip stain, I think it’s called “Stiff Upper Lip Stain”. I took a sample home in the shade Savvy, which is a wine purple. I really loved the colour, however it faded within an hour and the colour settled into lines. I applied some lip balm and it helped pull the colour of the lines and gave it a bit of life again but it’s definitely a lip colour that you need to may attention to and maintain.

lip stain

If I contact this rep again, I will probably buy the stain and the liquid liner in the blue, those are the products that really seemed like they might be worth it to me. You may have a completely different opinion on this product line but I just really look for good pigmentation and long lasting colour when I buy products, I also really like boldness in my cosmetics. These products seem good for people who go for more natural, neutral looks.

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