So I was watching a video on the Kat Von D YouTube channel recently and I was inspired to try a metallic purple ombré lip look using a mixture of Kat Von D lipsticks and eye shadow. I will post the link to the original video below after my step by step!

This is what I’ll be showing you how to do!

 To create this look, I started out by applying a purple lipstick all over. I used Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in LUV. You don’t want to use a liquid lipstick for this step because then it’ll just dry and you won’t be able to get your eye shadow to stick as well in your final step.

After I had the purple on, I used a black lipstick on my outer corners and pulled it in toward the center of my lip. I used Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Witches. Typically when I do an ombre lip I use both lipsticks in the liquid formula because they blend a little more easily  but for this look it’s okay for the black to look a little crappy toward the center cause you’ll blend it with your final step. If you think you went to far in with the black, you can just wait for it to dry and go back in with the purple to dab it on top of the black a little. That will also help blend.

The final step I did was take my Kat Von D Metal Crush eye shadow in Danzig (metallic purple) and just dabbed it onto the center of my lips with an eye shadow brush. Don’t pull, just dab. This added the metallic finish and blended the purple into the black.


and Voila!

In the video Kat and her friend Stefanie did the look with a green but I like purple and I had the Metal Crush in purple so that worked out better for me. If this inspires you to try a metallic ombré, please share! You’ll find links to all my social media pages at the bottom of this page or you can leave a comment before xo

Original Inspiration Video

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