I received a sample of the GlamGlow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment Mask with a recent Sephora order. As far as I can see on the Sephora website, it’s offered in a 1.4oz sized container for $79.00 CA. The website says it starts out white and then turns silver as it dries but mine went on silver and stayed silver. It’s to make skin tighter/firmer and more lifted. I thought this would be a good one for me to tighten my pores.

It’s a peel off mask that peels off bit by bit. It was a really strange sensation to peel off, it was like pulling the dead skin off a sunburn. Some spots didn’t peel off because I didn’t apply the product thick enough but it washed off no problem with a wet cloth. It smells amazing! It was sort of a pine colada scent. It didn’t feel tight or uncomfortable as it dried. I did notice an improvement in the clarity of my complexion after just a couple uses and my skin really felt great after using this mask but I’m not sure if I’m sure if I’m willing to spend eighty dollars on such a small container of product, especially since you’re supposed to use it twice a week. I feel like I would go through 1.4 oz in no time. If you’ve ever used this product or have a suggestion of a similar product that is inexpensive, please leave it in the comment section!

GlamGlow also carries a variety of other products for different skin types, some of the masks are offered in different sizes so this mask may be as well and it just isn’t on the Sephora website. They also have cleansers etc. I would maybe try some of the less expensive products that they offer!


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