The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is something that I am constantly hearing people rave about. I got a sample recently so I gave it a shot and I honestly wasn’t all that blown away. It applies really nicely and makes my skin very smooth but I also noticed that my face felt a little sticky after I applied my foundation until I dusted on a setting powder. It also made my makeup all kind of slip around on my face which made applying eye brow wax a total nightmare. It’s supposed to fill in pores and fine lines but I didn’t find it helped the appearance of my pores at all. My makeup seemed to settle strangely, about 2 hours after application my contour looked patchy so I had to work it around with a brush a little. On the plus side, it did appear to keep my skin from getting too oily and left my skin looking smooth.

I didn’t use this for an extended period of time because I only had a sample, so I think that I would maybe spend the 20 dollars on a travel sized of this primer to try it again but I don’t think I would go ahead and spend the money on this particular Smashbox primer in a full sized tube. $44.00 CA at Sephora for 1 fl. oz.

I would maybe give it a 3/5

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