Razors are a female necessity that is not exactly cheap, so recently I decided to save a few bucks by skipping out on my usual Bic Soleil Bella disposable razors and grabbing the 3 blade Twilight razors instead. And boy do I regret that. These razors are by far the worst thing I have ever made my skin suffer through. The initial shave was great, but every shave after that caused unbearable razor burn. I could feel it happening as soon as I began my shave but they were the only razors I had so I tried everything I could to try to make the shave more comfortable. Nothing helped. I was left nicked, bleeding and covered in a hideous razor rash. I couldn’t even put on a pair of pants without iritating my skin further.  One singular razor should last longer than one shave. And Bic, I don’t know a single woman who gives a shit about having lavender scented handles; also, they aren’t actually scented at all. You would’t think that adding one more blade would help but the Bella razors are a significant amount better. You get days worth of smooth shaves before the razors performance begins to decline. Bic does offer a money back guarantee but I’m not one to go through the effort of mailing a product back to the company. Live and learn, I will never buy these razors again, 0.5/5.


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