This is a box that I recently received from ChickAdvisor complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes. The box contained 5 Nutriforme Decadent Fudge Meal Replacement bars and a box of 20 orange flavoured Super Energex ampoules. They also threw in a little meal plan chart which was pretty cool.


Adrien Gagnon Natural Health LTD. is a natural health company founded in Quebec, Canada by Adrien Gagnon, ND. They offer more than 150 natural health products including vitamins and herbal supplements. In 2006 the company was launched in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Visit their website here.

Nutriforme Decadent Fudge Meal Replacement Bars
These meal replacement bars provide 24 vitamins and minerals, 15g of protein and they contain 260 calories per 65g bar. They retail for $11.49 CA per box and each box contains 5 bars. The chocolate flavour was nothing special, it just tasted like every other chocolate protein bar. A very soft texture, the middle was kind of fluffy. There are rice crispies or something in the middle of the bar. It’s a very heavy, dense protein bar. It was actually very hard to eat in one go; I had to eat it very slow because it was so rich,  which probably helps it satisfy your hunger for longer. I ate one at lunch time and I felt hungry again around 4:30 and then painfully hungry by 6. Next morning I had one for breakfast, around 7:30-8 and I wasn’t absolutely starving as lunch time approached. Nothing about this bar really set it apart from other protein bars. It did taste good, pretty average price for this type of product, there’s nothing wrong with it and it served it’s purpose so I’ll give it a 5/5.


Super Energex
Each box of the Super Energex contains 20 ampoules with 10ml of product each. You’re supposed to use them daily for 30 days, preferably in the morning, to increase mental and physical performance. You mix it with water or juice. It helps your body to metabolize carbs, fats and proteins. The box I received was orange flavoured. They smell pretty unappealing, like a multi vitamin, which makes sense because that’s essentially what it is but in liquid form. First I mixed it with water, I made a small glass so I only used half the ampoule. It didn’t really taste all that bad but it wasn’t something that I really cared to finish. It left an after taste. I felt a little nauseous while drinking it. I decided to mix the other half of the ampoule with orange juice and that was a lot easier to stomach. Next day I drank it with orange juice again, mixing a little more than half the ampoule in. It wasn’t too bad. I don’t think I would be able to mix an entire ampoule in with anything other than a smoothie and I definitely wouldn’t want to drink it with water again. It didn’t really make me feel any less tired than I normally do in the morning but it’s full of vitamins which are good for you to take in any form, I still think I would prefer Disney Princess gummy vitamins. Overall, I wouldn’t spend the money on them and I rate it a 3/5; knocking off points for taste, smell, the slight nausea and overall effectiveness because I didn’t feel any more energized.

Thanks so much to ChickAdvisor for sending me these products, you’re a truly amazing company! Join ChickAdvisor now.

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