I did a review recently of the Happy Hippo Bath Bombs, you can find that review here. It has details about the Happy Hippo company and my thoughts on the bath bombs, which I really enjoyed. New Velvet Boutique in Peace River is now carrying a variety of other Happy Hippo products so while in the store I picked up a lip balm in Mango Mania.

The smell is really amazing. Mango Mania is a fitting name. It didn’t really taste as great though, a little mangoy but mostly just like lip balm. It comes in a pot instead of a tube which I’m not totally fond of, I much prefer tubes. The formula felt a little hard to the touch and I felt like I needed to keep applying more cause I felt like I wasn’t getting any product. But once I had it on, it was very light weight on my lips and felt silky and soft. Maybe a little greasy but not so bad that it ruins the lip balm. My lips felt really soft. The pot costed $3.50. I would maybe purchase this in other scents but it wouldn’t be my absolute ride or die lip balm. I would give it a 3/5.


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