Mother’s Day Gift Guide

When you know someone your entire life and you buy them gifts for multiple occasions a year it can get hard to get ideas! You can only resort to framing a photo so many times. So I made a list of a few things that I love and would recommend to other woman, which makes them great Mother’s Day gift ideas!

  1.  Flowers: Of course flowers is classic. But don’t get buy a bouquet that will die on her; buy flowers she can plant outside, or a hanging basket to help spruce up her yard. Pretty planters are also an idea; one year we bought my boyfriend’s mom a big rustic chair planter that had the pot in the middle from a local wood work. It was painted blue and made a beautiful addition to their deck.
  2. Bath Bombs/Bubble Bars: A trip to Lush and you could have your Mother’s Day gift all wrapped up. They offer a variety of pre-wrapped gifts full of already selected bath and body products perfect for mom, or you could grab a few things and custom build a Lush gift basket. Generally anything that can be used to pamper her is a great gift.
  3. Makeup: My mom doesn’t wear much makeup. She has very sensitive eyes so she really only wears mascara, but she loves lipstick. She’s been trying for months to find a nude lipstick that was both long lasting and moisturizing. I kept recommending Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks to her and she finally picked one up in “Noble”. I later sent her “Lovecraft” as a birthday gift and she’s in love with them! Noble is a pink nude that she likes to wear day to day and Lovecraft is a soft mauve pink nude that she likes to wear for a night out. Lovecraft is my favourite for day to day wear when I want a soft, natural look.  LOVECRAFTAnd Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara is one of my all time favourites. It gives you amazing length and curl with super rich colour. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.
  4. Wine: I am a white wine drinking. And my latest obsession as been Bear Flag Wine Blend. It’s light and smooth, not too strong and not too sweet. Everyone that I’ve recommended it too has loved it, and I’ve given it as a gift a couple times myself. If you or your mom are red wine drinkers, they also offer a red blend. Barefoot Moscato is another white wine that is smooth, sweet and delicious.
  5. Books: My mom has always been a reader. Most recently I recommended Furiously Happy which is about suffering from depression and anxiety, but funny! Of course, the ladies love Nicholas Sparks. Jojo Moyes is also a great righter of touching love stories. Or maybe you or your mom love true crime or biographies. Just go on the Chapter’s Website and look at the recommended lists!
  6.  Movies: Plan a girls night in with mom and pick up a few movies. Comedies like Bridesmaids are more fun than sobbing to The Notebook. Or Netflix binge watch shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace and Frankie or the classic Gilmore Girls. Nothing pairs better with junk food than Gilmore Girls.Gilmore Girls 1
  7. Perfume: This is another pretty obvious one but honestly it’s something that most moms don’t ever buy for themselves. While scents from Vera Wang are my personal favourite, “Princess” and “Hippie Princess” aren’t exactly age appropriate names for a mom perfume. But Elizabeth and James Nirvana White or Nirvana Black are both sophisticated and elegant scents that are great for women of all ages.o.22736
  8. Haircut: Do you know which salon she goes to? A gift certificate for her salon is a great way to give her a more practical gift.
  9.  Accessories: My mom wears minimal accessories, but I once found a super cute bracelet on Etsy; it had a pearl and an infinity sign on a delicate little chain. Etsy is a great site to surf for jewellery for mom. My mom is also a purse fanatic, so an expensive bag she would never buy for herself is a great buy. I’m super into Matt and Nat right now, their bags are all vegan leather and the linings are made from recycled bottles. Blanket scarves were HUGE this fall, so I convinced my mom to buy one for my sister for Christmas and she ended up buying one for herself as well.mattnat-pic
  10. Art: Instead of framing baby photos that you recreated as an adult, find a cool print online and frame that instead. Urban Outfitters and Etsy are great websites for finding cool wall art. My mom isn’t as adventurous as I am when it comes to colour, so buying her a cool piece of art that she would like but probably wouldn’t buy for herself is a great way to get her out her beige decor comfort zone.

And it’s always easy to just grab a few of these items and make a personalized basket. Happy Shopping!


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