So this summer I’ll be photographing my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding. I decided that it would be best for me to find a super cute romper, so that I wouldn’t be running around in a dress. I had been waiting for something to jump out at me, when finally one evening, one did! I was on Instagram when a photo from Dynamite came up on my feed that had the perfect romper. It was black, with thick straps, a v-neck and a cute little cut out on the belly with a decorative bow. I’m like an extreme couponer when it comes to online shopping, so I got an amazing deal! So I wanted to share the deets.

It started with this amazing romper. It’s the perfect style, cute and casual but still wedding appropriate. It fits amazing and the fabric is softer than I was expecting, it’s so comfy.  It also has a really sturdy zipper. Regular Price: $44.95 I Paid: $33.71

I went looking jewellery to wear with it and I found this cute necklace. A dainty chain with a simple circle attached. It’s the perfect length for wearing with the romper.
Regular Price $6.95 I Paid: $5.21


While I was looking at accessories I found this adorable chain crown. I wouldn’t normally buy one of these but I really loved it. My head is bigger than the models so it doesn’t sit on my head the same way it does on hers but it’s very cute. I didn’t take a photo of myself wearing it because of my way my hair was styled today.
Regular Price: $9.95 I Paid: $7.46


I also noticed these super cute “no show socks”. I thought they would be perfect for wearing with little ankle booties because I have a pair that are so low, you can still see my socks if I wear ankle socks. So, I bought two pairs. They are insanely soft and comfortable.
Regular Price: $6.95 I paid: $2.25 (per pair)

 My final total was $50.88 + tax ($2.54), $0 shopping, for a grand total of $53.42.
And I saved $24.87.

I’d say money well spent.

Some of these photos are from the Dynamite website

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