I was cruising the new stock at New Velvet Boutique over the weekend when I fell in love with a super cute pair of leopard printed, round frame sunglasses. Priced at only $14.99, I decided I might as well buy them.
The brand is Urbanica and they are seriously the lightest sunglasses I’ve ever owned. Even though they have little nose cushions, they don’t squeeze my nose. The lenses are reflection lenses and although they didn’t have one of those “100% UVA/UVB Protection” stickers, they’re super dark; so dark that I can’t even see my phone screen until it’s right up on my face. Plus they’re unique and stylish. However, I wouldn’t recommend trying to visit Urbanica on Facebook or their website because hardly anything is in English and none of the English links on their website brings you anywhere.

This was a Fab Find from New Velvet Boutique in Peace River, Alberta.

fab find

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  1. helloblissfullife says:

    i love your shades & lipstick color!

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