I make it pretty clear that I am a HUGE fan of Kat Von D Beauty products. The lipsticks in particular are absolutely amazing. Bauhau5 is one of my favourite summer shades, it’s a vibrant, deep raspberry shade and is available in both the Studded Kiss formula and the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula. I have both so I wanted to do a little comparison for you guys!

In these photos I have the Studded Kiss formula on my bottom lip and the Everlasting Liquid formula on my top lip.

First I’ll comment on the colour and application difference, you can sort of see in these photos that my bottom lip looks a little darker. That’s really just because of layering. I apply a couple layers of the Studded Kiss formula to get into all the little nooks and crannies and ensure a smooth finish, if I were to rub my lips together and spread it before applying my upper lip it would be much closer to the shade on my top lip. The liquid formula applies a little smoother. Really I would say there is no colour difference, both can be layered for a darker look or applied lighter. You get really good precision with the liquid formula because of the sponge applicator. You get pretty good precision with the Studded Kiss formula but the shape of the lipstick changes as you use it depending on your application techniques so it can get more difficult. I really like the creme brulee scent of the Studded Kiss formula.
I don’t find that the Studded Kiss formula feathers or bleeds either so a lip liner really isn’t all that necessary. Both have a super matte finish but of course liquid formulas tend to dry more matte.

I bought the Everlasting Liquid formula because it’s super long lasting, like insanely, and I have a wedding to go to this summer so I didn’t want to have to worry about transferring or touch ups. I give the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick a 10/10 for wear time. But, the liquid formula can be a little drying to your lips. Which is when the Studded Kiss formula comes in handy! It’s long wearing as well, but not quite as long wearing as the liquid formula. I would give the Studded Kiss formula like an 8/10 on the wear time but 10/10 for how moisturizing it is.

So really, it depends on your priorities when it comes to lipstick. The colour is no different, so when I choose which formula I want to wear I’ll be basing it on the occasion I’m wearing it too and which qualities are more important for that occasion. Studded Kiss formula is great for day to day because it’s long wearing and moisturizing, Everlasting liquid is great for a night out because it’s like 99% budge proof.


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  1. kjerstynjordheim says:

    Looks great!

  2. They look so similar! You should do a tutorial on your makeup look too, it is so beautiful ❤

  3. I’m also a huge fan of the Kat von D products! Great review and lovely blog! 🙂


  4. itsheyjune says:

    The colour looks gorgeous on you! I really want to try out Kat Von D. products, they’re just great. Thank you for just a lovely post and blog!

    Check out my blog too!

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