“Floppy Hat” may not be the most sophisticated name for an accessory but I’ve Googled excessively and that is literally what these beauts are called. You’ve definitely seen them; they are a very popular fall accessory, even being incorporated into spring and summer looks (which I imagine gets hot because they’re usually wool). I consider these hats to be relatively hipster because they’re so in right now but they can be styled punk rock, goth, glam fashionista; it’s all about personalizing it and styling it your way.


I went on a bit of a shopping trip in Red Deer recently and I saw one of these super cute hats in the window of the Bower Place American Eagle. The one in the window was the last one in the store so I asked the sales girl to grab it off the mannequin for me. I took it to the back of the store so I could look in a mirror and I really liked it! It totally suited my style, my hair, my face shape; I was stoked. But when I saw that the price was $35 CA I said NOPE and gave it back to the sales girl. I left the store and looked online to find that I could get essentially the same hat for $14.98 from Call It Spring. So not only did I buy it in black but I also ordered it in burgundy (for $12.98) and with shipping I still paid less than I would have if I bought the one from American Eagle! It had me wondering why American Eagle is charging so much for a hat that is primarily out of season.  Shipping from Call It Spring was $5 and I had my package within 3 days. That’s my Fashion Fab Find!


 I’ve also pulled a few examples off line of how they can be styled but it’s really all about personalizing the look!

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