I am an incredibly lucky girl, my boyfriend just bought me a Matt&Nat purse and wallet set for our anniversary! I chose the Shareen cross body bag in black, and the matching Cynnie wallet also in black. I have never in my life had any sort of designer bag, I’ve always been the type to just  buy a cheap bag from Target, Garage, Dynamite, Forever 21 etc.

Matt & Nat bags are designed in Montreal and are made of vegan leather with linings made from 100% recycled bottles. The material feels fantastic and you can just tell it’s amazing quality.

I’m not a girl who enjoys carrying around a huge bag but I needed something a little bigger than what I usually use because my boyfriend always wants to throw his wallet and keys in my bag if we go out anywhere. This bag is the perfect size! I would say that the only down side to this bag is that there is no zipper or anything to secure it shut, so I need to get a little makeup bag or something so my lipsticks don’t fall out by any chance.


The wallet is very large, tons of card slots and space for all the cash I don’t have. It’s actually so big that it takes up quite a bit of space in the bag but there’s still room for everything I need and for my boyfriend to throw his stuff in there as well.


I am incredibly pleased with this purchase and I can’t wait to grow my Matt & Nat collection! If you’re in Peace River or surrounding area, New Velvet Boutique is your exclusive Matt & Nat retailer in the Peace Region.

Matt & Nat Website

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