So I recently placed an order with Sephora that included the Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara and Tarteist Clay Paint Liner both in black, and I also used my Beauty Insider points to get the Tarteist Tools Best Sellers kit. These are my thoughts!

I really loved that the clay paint liner comes with a little liner brush. I don’t know if or how this brush differs from the Etch & Sketch Double Ended Bambo liner brush, besides the fact that it just has the angled end and not the straight end. I was really impressed with how small the brush tip was.
I thought the mascara brush was so beautiful, I love them to be big and I like the rubber bristols like what the Benefit They’re Real Mascara has.

The Best Sellers kit included a mini version of the Lash Paint mascara, a Tarteist lip liner in Mood Ring and a matching Tarteist lip paint in Hangry. I was really excited about this because I’ve never used a Tarte lip paint before and I have never ever used a lip liner haha. It also included another liner brush and mini Tarteist clay paint liner in bronze.


Clay Paint Liner + Angled Brush
I was insane to think I could apply liner with a brush. I am used to using felt tip, pen style liquid liners (KVD Tattoo Liner is my favourite) so applying this liner was a nightmare. It took a few tries before it was something I could leave the house in but I’m not still totally happy with it. I tried the bronze colour first to do something different. The brush was great and I thought the bronze colour was really interesting.The liner is very smooth and applies well, I just had a hard time staying precise using a brush. It will take some time to get good at it. Day 2 trying with black was a little more successful but I still think I may still go back to using my usual KVD liner cause I can barely draw a straight line using a brush let alone get each eye to look even. That isn’t to say the liner isn’t good; it’s super smooth, very pigmented and long wearing.

Last Paint Mascara
This mascara was perfect. It gave me great length, curl, volume and super rich black colour. My lashes clumped together a little but that’s because I still had a little of the Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara on my lashes from the day before (it’s nearly impossible to remove). Day 2 was much more successful with this mascara; zero clumps and amazing length, curl, volume and colour.

Lip Paint + Lip Liner
I could do without the lip liner. This liner was tiny which gave great precision but it was also hard and sharp so it was uncomfortable to apply and didn’t apply very heavily. I would assume the full sized product would be a smoother and more pigmented application though, tiny sample versions are never the same as the full sized.  The lip paint was very pigmented, light weight feeling and I loved the moussey texture. But it doesn’t dry completely, which some people may like cause it’s not drying to your lips. I didn’t like that it didn’t dry more because I ended up with lipstick all over my fingers. I wouldn’t wanna eat with this on. It has a really nice menthol smell, which can actually be a bad thing cause menthol can be very drying to the delicate lip tissue. If you apply the lip paint and remove the excess product it acts as kind of a stain.


Overall, I would say I’m pretty happy with my Tarte purchase. I have more Tarte products on the way so stay tuned!

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