I received the Clairol Natural Instincts hair colour complimentary from Bzzagent and Clairol in exchange for my honest review. This hair colour is ammonia free and lasts 28 washes. It contains Aloe, Vitamin E and Coconut oil; which I really like because I have dry, colour damaged hair. I chose the colour number 4, nutmeg dark brown. My roots were crying and really needed a touch up. My hair is naturally pretty light, so when my roots grow out I look like I’m balding. This package came at a great time!

Before and After

The formula was pretty liquidy so dripping was definitely an issue but I thought it was really cool how you only need to leave it in for 10 minutes. The dye didn’t have a strong smell. It started to burn a little near the end and I could feel it irritating my scalp as I rinse it out. But once it was out I didn’t feel any irritation.

After colouring my hair was completely fried so it look a lot of products to get it even remotely smooth again. I ended up taking a pair of scissors to my ends. I also pulled out quite a few loose strands of hair which was terrifying. My roots were looking a little more red than I would like, so the colour wasn’t an exact match for my usual dark brown.

PS my hair is purple on purpose.


A week after colouring, there hasn’t been any fading. I cut off a lot of the fried ends and my hair is slowly repairing. Because I’m not overly happy with this hair dye I’m not going to bother waiting to see how long it takes for the colour to fade.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t buy this hair dye again.Yes, my hair was already pretty damaged going into this but this dye definitely didn’t help so maybe this dye is better for someone with healthier hair to begin with. I never have the previously mentioned issues when I use my usual Vidal Sassoon hair colour.

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