I am an absolute horror movie junkie. I love a good slasher film. Anything supernatural is A-Ok by me. Paranormal movies make me scared to sleep for a week but I would watch them every night. So when I found out that MTV was making a series out of the 90s classic “Scream”, I was thrilled.

The cast is great and I’ve gotten pretty attached to the characters, which is unfortunate for a show where people get murdered regularly. It can be a little cheesy at times but every classic slasher movie is.

It’s kept true to a few aspects of the original movies, ie. secret siblings. But this series follows a pretty original story line. And it’s hilariously modernized, with one character Facetiming her boyfriend while she’s murdered. Kind of like Ariana Grande’s character tweeting about the Red Devil on Scream Queens.

They’re currently in season 2. Season 1 had a kill in every episode, and new secrets were constantly coming to light. This season was a little more toned down, picking up now that the season is coming to a close. But both have been full of shocking secrets from Maggie Duvall’s past.

And for anyone wondering how long they can drag this slasher movie into a television series, Pretty Little Liars has been on television since 2010. There’s nothing more thrilling than a show that constantly makes you wonder, “Who is the killer?”

Scream is available on Netflix.

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