Living in Northern Alberta, exfoliating my skin is super important. Especially during the winter months when my skin is super dry. I also love to exfoliate before shaving my legs to avoid ingrown hairs. So recently I picked up a scrub from Bath and Body Works, and a scrub from The Body Shop.
The Bath and Body Works scrub is the one of the left and the scent is crushed coconut. The Body Shop is on the right and the scent is Harvest Raspberry.


I like the BBW scrub packaging a lot better than the Body Shop’s. I could squeeze it right onto a loofa. The Body Shop one was in a tub and had to be scooped out, which was annoying because I would always drop a little.
Formula and Texture
The BBW formula was definitely better because it was nice and thick, and worked into a lather. The Body Shop scrub was sort of a jam like texture and didn’t lather. They both had a nice texture but the BBW scrub was a little grittier.
Both stores have great sales. BBW has sales more frequently and they offer more coupons. The Body Shop scrub is regular $20 CAD, totally not worth it. I got it during a sale for $10, worth it. The BBW scrub is regular $16.50, but they’re constantly doing Buy 3 get 3 free, 20% off your entire purchase, $10 off when you spend $30 and various other sales so it’s always a good deal.
Between these two scents I liked the raspberry better but that’s sort of irrelevant when comparing the two brands because they are both offered in a ton of different scents.
Both of these scrubs served their purpose, leaving me soft and smooth. But I would choose BBW over Body Shop.

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