DAVIDsTea has their core collection of matcha teas, but then with their summer collection they always release a couple fruit matcha flavours. This summers collection includes Blueberry, Peach and Strawberry matcha. If you’ve read any of my other matcha posts, you know that I am a huge fan of matcha tea. I often like to switch out my morning coffee for a matcha tea to give myself a natural caffeine boost and avoid caffeine withdrawal migraines.

The first tea from this collection that I tried was the peach. I wouldn’t say the peach flavour is strong but I also wouldn’t say it was subtle. It’s pretty flavorful for a matcha tea and has a very smooth finish. I would say this tea has a more pleasant and peachy flavour than the peach matcha from Teavana. But this matcha also contains sweeteners as opposed to more traditional matcha teas that are completely natural. I also tried icing this tea, but when it was cold the grassiness of the matcha was much more noticeable which I didn’t like so I skipped trying to ice the other flavours. If you like the Just Peachy herbal tea from DAVIDsTea, you will like this one.
I’ve tried strawberry matcha from Steeped Tea, so I was excited to try this strawberry and compare the two. Steeped Tea’s strawberry matcha is all natural, while DAVIDs contains sugar cane for sweetener. These two teas tasted pretty much the exact same, but the flavour was good and the finish was very smooth.
Upon opening the Blueberry I would definitely say it has the strongest scent. I find it to be flavorful, but the blueberry flavour meshes so well with the matcha that I could see how some people may find it more subtle. It has a super smooth finish as well.

Although these teas all contain sugar cane for sweetness, I wouldn’t consider them to be overall ‘sweet’ teas. They were perfect for smoothies and taste great just hot and on their own. But I would not recommend icing. They’re ground super fine and I’ve never had any issues with little chunks of powder being left over in the bottom. These are definitely worth getting while they’re available.


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