Recently Benefit did a revamp of their brow products and I picked a couple of these products out! Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of pics to share but I’ll do my best to be thorough.
I used the BrowZings wax and powder kit before the revamp and I really loved it. It made it super easy to get defined brows and great arches. I picked up the revamp in the shade 6, so cool dark browns and blacks. I was torn between shade 5 and shade 6 but 6 seemed like it was closer to the original dark/deep kit which is the one I had used before. The colours were perfect. The wax seemed less pigmented than the previous kit but the double ended, folding brush was so much easier to use than the two tiny brushes that came with the kit before. The one thing about this kit is that it does smudge so I wish they could have made it waterproof with the re-release. The other thing that sucks is that it’s a little pricier, which may be partially because it includes tweezers in every set. I don’t think the tweezers are necessary because then every time you buy the wax and powder you get another set of tweezers and that’s stupid. ($42)
Another product that I have tried from this line is the Kabrow, which is a cream/gel product that is waterproof. I got a sample from this from Sephora so the packaging was a little small and the product was a little hard to get out but I really liked it. It was super pigmented, smooth to apply and I love that it’s waterproof. It was super easy to use to get defined brows and precise lines. The only thing is that the brush kind of hardened on me even though I washed the product out of it. I would probably buy a separate brush to use with this product if I bought it in the future. ($30) The last product I tried was the Ready, Set, Brow setting gel. Its a brush through brow mascara to get brows and make them waterproof. It has a weird smell to it and my brow actually still smudged with this on top but it was great for brushing brows and holding hairs in place. ($30)
They’ve re-released their classic GimmeBrow product. They’ve also released a highlighting brow mascara to add dimension to your brows, a thin pencil for precision and an angled pencil for definition and highlighting pencils for the brow bone. The new line also includes a conditioning brow primer, which to me honestly just sounds like a money grab.

Cpbg1Y5WcAQ_QqX.jpg large

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  1. Jenny says:

    I’m interested in trying some of the new products but part of me feels like some of it is gimmickry!


    • Kelsey Carol says:

      I personally think that some of it is definitely worth it and some of it is kind of like, “why tf did you bother making that!?” I’ve been using BrowZings since February and I really like it for getting definition but I have had it smudge on me a couple times.

  2. Molly says:

    I have the KaBrow sample, too, and agree that the packaging is horrible! No matter how much I clean the brush it always gets dirty and hardens. And it’s so difficult to get product out, too!

    • Kelsey Carol says:

      Yaaaaas! Sucks! I will likely still try the full sized because the product itself isn’t bad. But I will probably use a separate brush, not the one in the component.

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