90s fashion is all around us right now; chokers, high waisted shorts, crop tops, denim jackets, flannel shirts…but to be fair flannel never really went out of style. I was born in 1992, which means I was around the first time this stuff was cool. I rocked the tattoo choker, I loved denim. It’s cool to see this stuff come back again. The choker trend is great because there is no one way to wear it; there are absolutely endless possibilities in colours and styles, casual or classy. It can suit any persons individual style and has been seen all over the red carpet.

I recently made two choker purchases off Etsy.

The first was a tattoo choker from a shop called LunaLovesVintage. It was shipped from the UK and took about 3 weeks to get to me in Alberta. It was $1.69 + $5.11 shipping. Seems stupid to pay more for shipping than you do for the actual product but it didn’t really bother me to pay a total of $6.80 for this choker when I would spend that or more if I were to buy it anywhere else. The choker was the perfect fit and is easily put back into shape if it stretches out. It was definitely a good find. This necklace can be worn alone but sometimes I like to layer it with small chain necklaces. I think that since I’ve ordered this choker, the shop was removed from Etsy but my purchase link takes you to the shop owner’s profile.

The second choker I ordered from Etsy was from a shop in Montreal called HigherGroundJewelry. It’s a two thread, vegan suede choker. I wanted to ensure that when I found a choker I wanted to order, it wasn’t real suede. The necklace was $9.50 and shipping was only $1.80 since it was within Canada. It was exactly as seen online.  There are different sizes available and you can also choose from a couple different charms for at the end of your extension chain; I chose a moon. I had initially ordered a small but I contacted the shop owner and she switched it to medium for me, no problem. It took about 3 days after I ordered for it to ship and then it took 6 business days to get to me. This shop also has tons of different styles and colours available. I definitely intend on ordering other styles from Etia in the future! You can visit her on Etsy and follow her on Instagram.

choker 2

I really like these two styles but I also think that the rodeo lariat style are incredibly cute, and you can’t go wrong with velvet; plain or charmed, thick or thin. These are two styles I don’t have yet but can’t wait to get my hands on!

Etsy is a great option for finding these styles and supporting small businesses but most clothing stores are also selling chokers now for pretty reasonably prices such as Dynamite and Garage. Do you love the choker trend?! What’s your favourite way to wear it?
Comment below xo

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One Response to THE TREND: CHOKERS

  1. nina webb says:

    Great post – I especially love tie chokers!

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