When I saw all the previews for Bad Moms I honestly kind of expected it to suck, but when a girlfriend of mine asked if I wanted to go I figured I should; this girlfriend is a mom who deserves a night out, and I get free movie passes, so what the heck. And I am so glad I went.

I’m not really sure why I thought it would bomb. I guess I kind of figured that comedy movies that are so star studded (especially with a female cast that doesn’t include Melissa McCarthy) typically end up being kind of a dud. Ie. Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve, Movie 43, This Is The End. But the script was hysterical, the cast was amazing, the characters were fantastic and the story line was so incredibly relevant to today’s society. I especially appreciate this because I’m at that age where my friends are all becoming new moms – and it’s true, you really can’t do anything right as a mom. Someone is always going to be judging the way you decide to parent.

I wondered if the people who made this movie also were involved with Mean Girls, because it was like those characters just grew up and had kids. It made a ridiculous about of references to the story line of Mean Girls. This actually made it even funnier because that’s seriously the way that woman are with each other today, and that needs to change.

I’d also like to mention how great and fun the soundtrack was!

Overall, this movie was fantastic and I highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

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