So I recently placed a large Sephora order online; a few old lovers and a couple newbs to try out. So I thought I’d share the details!

The first product I picked up was a set with two beautyblenders and beautyblender liquid cleanser. It only costs $52 for this set which is awesome because that’s pretty much what you would pay for the two beautyblenders without the cleaner. It’s exclusive to the online Sephora store. I have been using beautyblender since earlier this year and I love them but I hadn’t tried the cleanser yet. This cleanser was pretty great for making my sponge nice and clean and getting absolutely all the makeup off it. However, it is a pretty pricey product when purchased alone. I’m sure I could just buy a cheaper brush cleanser and it would work as well. Up until now I had been using baby shampoo.


The second item I’ll talk about is the Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof brow pencil in the shade 5. This pencil was part of their Benebrow Revamp. The packaging is very cute. It has a spoolie on one end and the pencil is angled for definition. It’s also waterproof which is great. The pencil is actually kind of a sharp pair/diamond shape, so as far as definition goes I think I would just prefer a straight, angled pencil like the ABH Brow Definer. This applied smoothly and the colour was great. This product is $30 and I’m not sure I will ever understand how they justify charging that much for a brow pencil from any brand.


I also picked up the new Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation in the shade 1.5 for fair skin with pink undertones. I had heard pretty good things about this foundation. It’s a full coverage foundation with a matte finish. It’s also waterproof. The packaging is cute and I like that it’s a pump bottle. I found it looked kind of orange while I applied it during my first application. However, I didn’t really find it orange in other lighting.  It had a pretty cakey finish upon my first application so maybe I just applied too much product. I had quite a bit of creasing on my under eye but I don’t know if that was because of my concealer, the foundation or if I just wasn’t quick enough to use a setting powder. It did rub off quite a bit round my nose and chin/jawline before my work day was over and any powder that was applied on top of it got kind of blotchy by mid afternoon. My second day of application was a lot better; I used less product so it wasn’t cakey and there was no creasing around the eyes, there was no orange tinge but my powder still did get a little blotchy although not nearly as bad, and it wore off around my nose a little but not super noticeable.  It definitely blended well with my skin more after my face produced just a little oil and the makeup sort of adapted. I used this with the Tarte Clean Slate 12 Hour Primer. I would say this foundation has maybe 7-8 hours of wear. It feels pretty light and it’s very full coverage with a natural looking matte finish. I wouldn’t say it’s good for people with a lot of texture to their face or people with dry skin. I wouldn’t feel confident wearing this to work all day and then like going out for dinner afterward without going home to reapply or at least touch up. It’s definitely not a good foundation for any day of traveling but it’s good for my 8 hour work day. My co-worker said my face still looked great half way through my work day which made me feel like anyone else who isn’t a makeup junkie isn’t noticing the flaws that I am. This product is $49; overall I think will be sticking to the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation.


I also bought the Tarte Tartelette Tease eye shadow palette. It has 4 matte colours and 2 shimmer finishes and is the Tarte signature Amazonian Clay formulated eye shadow. I’m not sure why I was expecting the packaging to be bigger but it’s very cute, great for travel because it’s so compact and the shadows smell amazing! The colours are great, I especially love Crush which is a taupe shimmer. My photo makes some of the colours look a little more gold than they are because of the gold on the component. These eye shadows are so incredibly soft, buttery and so pigmented. They were amazing to apply and I can’t get over how great they smell. I absolutely fell in love. I like to use matte light browns for a transition shade but this palette only has a dark brown; you can make it work if you just use a little product. I can’t wait to get more Tarte shadows! For these 6 colours this palette is $25, which I think is a really good value.


I picked up two new shades of Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Nayeon (a black with gunmetal shimmer) and Poe (navy with shimmer). I really love this super hydrating, long wearing formula form Kat Von D Beauty, I’ve expressed my love for them multiple times in the past. These colours are cool and very unique. They apply very smooth and have great pigment. I found the sparkles to be pretty subtle when swatched on my wrist which I expected from Poe but I really thought that Nayeon was going to be like BAM. I wore Poe first and I really liked it, it applied super smooth despite the sparkles and was very pigmented. The sparkles are very subtle but look so cute when it catches the light. I think that blue lipstick is so beautifully badass. Typically when I wear black lipstick to work I keep my eyes pretty simple. The shimmer in Nayeon was sort of a Gunmetal/Blue mixture and it was more subtle than I thought it would be but it was very cute and the black was super rich. I would definitely buy both of these shades again. These lipsticks at $26 each.



This order also renewed my VIB Rouge Membership for the year so I got a little Nars blush in the colour Goulue. It’s a really pretty dusty pink with a subtle gold shimmer. This blush was super pigmented but so light weight and soft. Unfortunately, I knicked it when my nail before I took my photo of it.


I picked up a couple of packs of Clinique Take The Day Off facial cleansing wipes using my Beauty Insider points as well. These wipes have a smell that I’m not super fond of but it’s not too awful. They were pretty effective at removing all of my makeup but I definitely still needed to use a cleanser after ward because the wipes were pretty small and once it got a certain amount of makeup on the wipe, it just sort of spread it back around on my face. I also got a sample tube of the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer and a sample of the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. The Smashbox shadow primer was thick and applied super smooth, it had sort of a pink tinge to it which really brightened my eye area.


All prices are in CAD

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