I picked up a few items at the end of August from Lush including the Tea Tree Water toner, Grease Lightning Cleanser, Enchanted Eye Cream, Roots Hair Treatment, Dark Angels Cleanser and Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask. Now that I’ve been using these products for a couple weeks I wanted to share my thoughts!


The Tea Tree Toner, Dark Angels Cleanser and Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask are all products that I’ve been using for a few months now and have really helped improve my complexion; not only in clarity but in overall tone and oil production. The Tea Tree Toner is super refreshing to skin and helps to balance my oily skin while hydrating and keeping my skin clear. The Dark Angels cleanser exfoliates but is gentle enough for daily use and deep cleans my skin. I’ve heard people say it stains their skin black or leaves a residue but as long as you wash and rinse properly it won’t do that. And the Don’t Look At Me fresh face mask exfoliates and brightens skin tone, all while smelling deliciously like fruit loops.

I went into Lush wanting to try the Superbalm (for dry scalp) but it was a tiny tub for like $22 so I didn’t wanna buy it. The girl working recommend that I try the Roots Hair Treatment. She said it’s great for her colour damaged hair and dry scalp. It’s developed for thin hair to add volume and condition. I absolutely loved the minty, slightly citrus scent. It felt so cool and tingly even after rinsing it out. My hair felt great and smelled great. It got rid of all product build up in my hair and on my scalp. You get 225g of product for $20.95 and I would say it’s absolutely worth it!

Grease Lightning cleanser is a gel spot treatment with tea tree oil for oily skin. This works great with the Tea Tree Toner to clear skin, calm redness and balance oily spots. You only need a tiny bit of product. You get 45g for $14.95 and I recommend this product.

Enchanted Eye Cream is to treat any problems in the delicate eye area such as puffiness, dark circles or wrinkles. I have always had problems with dark circles. I saw improvement in my eye area after about a week of using this product. You only need to use a tiny bit which is great and the cream doesn’t leave skin greasy. It’s very light weight. This product is $27.95 for 45g of product and I will definitely be buying it again.

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