Tarte Lip Paint is something I’ve tried a couple times now and I just haven’t fallen in love with the formula. But I keep buying it because one day I’ll either be like, “Okay yea this isn’t bad” or “No, I really fucking hate this”.

I’ve tried the lip paint in Hangry, which you can read about here. I also tried it in Grunge which you can read about here.

From past experience, these are my thoughts on the Tarte Lip Paints:

Smooth application, Super pigmented, Comfortable wear, Lightweight

Not Transfer proof at all, Kind of messy

Now I’ve picked up this lipstick in Frenemy (burgundy) and Choker (warm brown), which are both great colours for fall/winter.  These are first impressions reviews.



This is described as a burgundy but to me it’s just a dark crimson red compared to other burgundy lipsticks I own. The lightweight, mousse like texture is sort of both a pro and a con of this lipstick. I love how it feels, but with this particular colour it got kind of messy. I had really rough lines that I needed to clean up with a q-tip and concealer which I hate having to do because I always end up making more of a mess on my face. The colour is super pretty but you definitely want to apply and then blot away. I wouldn’t want to eat much with this one because I would end up with lipstick all over my face. This didn’t dry down fully which some people may prefer. I did find that it stained my fingers so you could definitely just blot this away until it’s a light stain on your lips but it won’t be as dark of a red. I decided to give this lipstick a second shot before publishing this post. I applied less product but I ended up with it clumping into the lines of my lips. There was still bleeding/feathering on the edges, specifically along my bottom lip, and it was actually more visible when I applied less product. If you want to try this I would advise you to get a lip liner, I definitely intend to pick one up. The Tarte lip liner in Squad would be the match for this lip paint.



This is from the limited edition, 90s inspired Naughty Nudes lip paint collection. This colour is super similar to Bow N Arrow from Kat Von D and I love that colour. Choker is maybe just a little darker than Bow N Arrow but it has the same warm, orange(ish) undertones. It actually dried down quite a bit more than the other shades I’ve tried. It wore longer and acted as more of a stain, which I really liked. But it still didn’t last through a meal. Luckily it wore off completely as opposed to only wearing off in the middle or ending up all over my face or something else that would leave me looking ridiculous. I think Choker was actually a winner!

Overall, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more of these Lip Paints; at least not without buying a lip liner with it.


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  1. colourthoselips says:

    Oh i love this lip colour on you! Your so gorgoues!
    Would love for you to check out my blog x

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