Halloween is my absolute favourite celebration. I feel like I’m celebrating Halloween all year round; I love all things strange and unusual. These are my ride or die, watch every Halloween movies.

In No Particular Order

Hocus Pocus


This is a family friendly Halloween classic. I watch this every year when I carve my pumpkin! It’s tradition. This is definitely the best character Sarah Jessica Parker has ever played.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Many people consider this a must watch at Halloween. It also works for Christmas. But I think the best time to watch it is the day AFTER Halloween, because that’s when the movie begins!

Corpse Bride


You could watch like 95% of Tim Burton’s filmography for Halloween and this is one of the best. It’s cute and sweet but spooky and weird. Family Friendly.



Speaking of Family Friendly Tim Burton Halloween movies, Frankenweenie is another must watch for Halloween. There is no love stronger than a boy and his dead dog.



Another family friendly one, this animation is about a peculiar little boy who has the gift of communicating with the dead and he must use this power to save his town.

Dark Shadows


This is another piece of gold from Tim Burton. Johnny Depp plays Barnabas, a vampire who returns to his estate of Collinwood decades after being buried by the towns people to find his home is now inhabited by a new generation of Collins and helps the family return to it’s former glory. It’s very funny and features a fantastic cast.



This is a classic Halloween movie in every household. There has been so many rumors that they were making a sequel but as of right now, it’s not happening. It’s funny, it’s creepy, it’s perfect.

Sleepy Hollow


Carrying on with another Tim Burton film, this move is a classic, but spooky, period piece.

Sweeney Todd


Yet another spooky masterpiece from Tim Burton! This one is based on the musical so if you don’t like musicals you may not like this. This movie is super gory, which I love. Something else that I really love about the other the top blood in this movie is that it has sort of a cartoony looking texture as opposed to looking like real blood and that just really adds a special touch to it in my eyes.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Series


The film series that launched Johnny Depps career in the 80s, A Nightmare on Elm street is my favourite series of Horror movies. I love the humor incorporated in these films by the villain, Freddy Krueger. There’s another a remake that isn’t too bad and theres a A Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday The 13th crossover that’s pretty good too!

Friday the 13th


If you love blood and gore this is a must watch for you. This classic slasher is one of my favourite horror movie series. The remake isn’t too bad either. And as I mentioned, there is a Freddy vs Jason movie as well.

Evil Dead


This movie is AWESOME. The remake is kind “meh” but actually pretty funny too. Might as well watch ’em both if you love horror right?

Child’s Play


Child’s Play and all it’s proceeding movies in this series are absolute masterpieces. I just think they are so funny, clever and well done. Another favourite series.



An awesome series of horror movies perfect for a marathon. The MTV Television series inspired by it is awesome too!

Halloween Series


And of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without the movie that made Jamie Lee Curtis the Scream Queen that she is. There is also a more modern Halloween movie that isn’t a remake but it’s a continuation of the series 17 years later. All awesome films.

Comment below with your ride or die Halloween movies!


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