I don’t know what made them decide it was time to remake the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show but they did!

I thought the cast was pretty well assembled but not perfect. Ryan McCarten went a little over the top while playing Brad. I was pretty happy with  Laverne Cox as Frank-N-Furter, even her facial expressions were perfect. Victoria Justice was pretty decent in her roll as Janet and I really only felt she went over the top just before her scene with Rocky. Reeve Carney was a great casting choice as Riff Raff; he had the perfect look, his acting was great and the creep factor was totally there. I really enjoyed Annaleigh Ashford as Columbia. Christina Milian was not my favourite as Magenta but she had great chemistry with Annaleigh for their solo scene which is important for these two characters. She looked great but accent she was doing was awful. Tim Curry was the narrator was a great way to pay homage to the original. Eddie’s death was kind of lack lustre compared to the original.

I thought the costumes were fantastic. Columbia and Riff Raff were particularly perfect. Laverne Cox had a lot of costume changes but of course the all black lingerie  set was my favourite – the way the character was originally dressed. The cape/hat ensemble she dawned in her entrance was definitely something I could have done without. Adam Lambert looked perfect for the role of Eddie, originally played by Meatloat.

The musical numbers were actually pretty perfect, no complaints there. I was impressed with Laverne Cox’s vocals.

Overall, I began each scene sort of on the fence but they always got me there in the end. It absolutely can’t compete with the original but it was wonderfully weird and I would still give it a 4/5!

What did you guys think?


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