Gilmore Girls is by far one of my favourite shows of all time. The characters are quirky, loveable and relatable. I grew up in a small town, dreaming it were  the whimsical world of Star Hollow. I was absolutely thrilled when they announced the revival and I waited anxiously for it’s release. So here are my random thoughts on each episode and the revival as a whole. It will likely only make sense if you watched it already!

Episode 1: Winter

The show as a whole felt super different, in production and direction style. It all felt very much like a movie which I guess is what they were going for. I felt like they jumped around a lot without any real transition between scenes. Rory’s boyfriend of two years, Paul, was an absolutely unnecessary character. They clearly had zero chemistry and then he suddenly disappeared. He was mentioned a few more times throughout the series but we didn’t see him again. One second she had a boyfriend and then next second she was kissing Logan; I thought, “how much time has passed?” but nope they’re just having an affair which I don’t like one bit. So many of the actors were able to flawlessly jump back into their roles. I was so excited to see Liza Weil back as Paris after watching her as Bonnie on How To Get Away With Murder for the past 3 seasons. She was perfection and her chemistry with Alexis Bledel was fantastic; they were Paris and Rory BFFs all over again. We waited 7 years for Michel to come out of the closet, he finally has a husband! They took a big portion of the first episode to show Richard’s funeral, which I understand they wanted to pay tribute to him but it felt so weird and out of place. Some scenes just sort of dragged on, wasn’t as snappy as we’re used to.

Sookie sightings: 0

Episode 2: Spring

Episode 2 felt a little more like it used to. Seeing Rory in Chilton speaking to the students made me wonder why she didn’t become a teacher. Her monologue was riveting. If they couldn’t get Chad Michael Murray back as Tristan, they should have left him out. Again, some issues with scenes dragging on. This episode ended with me being super disappointed with Rory’s lack of development, which is something that the character is obviously frustrated with too. Not a lot of thoughts or feelings on this episode.

Sookie sightings: 0

Episode 3: Summer

The opening scene was all very unGilmore Girls like in graphics and vibe. Loved seeing April back; she was so much the same and yet so incredibly difficult. This one really made me want Jess back cause Logan’s still a turd. Rory trying to save the Stars Hollow Gazette feels all so right. The “Secret Bar” scene in this episode felt SO classic Gilmore Girls. The scene in Miss Patty’s watching the Stars Hollow Musical was awful and so long; I became so disinterested. This episode dragged on forever but I became interested again once Jess showed up. He showed Rory the light then he was gone and they lost me again. I was actually really happy with the way this segment ended; it left me with the hope that Lorelai would find the answers she’s been looking for.

Sookie sightings: 0

Episode 4: Fall

I was pretty happy with the way this one started out. I loved seeing Jess and Luke together again, having one of their “life talks”.  There’s a scene with Rory watching through a Foggy Stars Hollow; it was super weird and not like anything they had ever done before. It ends up being a Life and Death Brigade thing which was awesome; probably my favourite sequence of scenes in the entire series. It was neat to watch. I was glad that Rory was finally able to let go of her relationship with Logan. Although he’s obviously the father of her baby which is a whole other can of worms we’ll never see. I was satisfied with the way Lorelai and Emily finally made up. Lorelai comes back from her attempt at going ‘Wild’ and Luke gives her a big speech about how she’s all he needs and it was amazing. The speech ends with them saying they’re going to get married, FINALLY. I loved Rory walking through her grandparents house, recalling her many memories there before sitting down in Richard’s study to write her book; that was truly perfection. I was pretty happy with the person that Emily became, giving up he former life and learning who she is without Richard. The Keifer Sutherland scene was so funny. Dean is now married with three kids and a pregnant wife. I was really satisfied with the run in Rory had with Dean and the closure they got with each other. Breaks my heart that Jess clearly never got over Rory, but the only thing I can think of is that Jess is the Luke to Rory and now that she’s raising a baby on her own they could still end up together; something we’ll never see but that’s how I’ll imagine it because I’m so Team Jess. Loved the montage with Luke and Lorelai getting married. We hear from Paul again at the end when he texted Rory to break up with her, I still feel like he didn’t add anything to the story.

Sookie sighting: Not Long Enough

General Thoughts

Everything just felt super different; I don’t know if it was the direction style that seemed different, or the camera angles, if it was because each segment felt more like a movie than a show. I both loved the modernization and found it strange. It was always a show that ran so much on Pop Culture references and the references are a little different now when Game of Thrones comes up in conversation. They got so many characters back, even the less important ones,  which was amazing. The soundtrack choices seemed so incredibly different than the sounds of the original show. A large portion of it seemed to be taken up by dance numbers. It had less humor and was more just an ‘inspiring’ story of the Gilmore girls trying to find themselves, which I wasn’t expecting. I cried more than I laughed. They really tried hard to try and give you closure with every character and for every character to have closure with each other. I was happy with Lorelai and Emily’s ending, Rory’s left something to be desired. I think I would have preferred a regular season format rather than the doing hour and a half long movie like features. They even could have made all of this into one movie, but I will take any dose of Gilmore Girls I can! Overall, it wasn’t really what I was expecting, but I wouldn’t say I was 100% let down. Leave your thoughts on the revival in the comments section below.


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