In the coming months Kat Von D Beauty is releasing 25 new shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. January brought us 6 new nude shades! I showed some swatches of Sanctuary last month and I just received Crucifix and Ludwig.

The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula applies so smooth, dries quickly and evenly with no streaks, no flaking, no fading or transferring. Feels comfortable to wear but wearing this formula a lot can be drying to the lips so I moisturize a lot when I’m bare lipped and will use a lip scrub as well.


I’ve been super excited about Crucifix since Kat first released a swatch of it. I’ve been realy into browns this fall/winter, I definitely think this colour is a winner. Crucifix is described on Kat’s social media as a deep chocolate, on the Sephora website it says hickory brown. I definitely feel this dark brown has more of a mahogany tone than I was expecting.


When I first saw Ludwig I thought it was super similar to Bow N Arrow which is a shade I really love. They’re both sort of fawn browns but Ludwig is a little brighter, a little more peach. It’s really gorgeous, I love it with my fair skin. This type of light brown nude is my favourite with my fair skin, I have a problem with a lot of nudes blending in with my skin tone and washing me out and making me look like I’m sick. This colour is really great for day to day but can be so glam and sexy for a night look.


These are just some comparison swatches. Some look a little streaky. I did these really quickly and didn’t even let them dry before I took the picture; this gives you a general idea of the colours but I promise they don’t look streaky like that on your lips.




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