REVIEW: Katy Kat Pearl Lipstick | Blue-tiful Kitty

Katy Perry and Covergirl came out with the next wave of products in their collaboration line which includes a line of pearl finished lipsticks. I picked it up in the colour Blue-tiful Kitty because I thought it was the most fun.


I was super disappointed. I was actually really impressed with the Katy Kat Matte colours so I expected this to be good as well but I really didn’t like it. There wasn’t a lot of pigment or coverage. It applied streaky and uneven. It accentuates any dry skin or cracks. It isn’t long wearing or transfer proof at all; I wiped it off no problem. It also sort of clumps together to create little stringy looking pieces of product. It was comfortable to wear, it didn’t dry out of irritate my lips which I would say is the only positive thing about it. It MIGHT be better if you go for a more natural lip colour but with this bright blue it was just awful. I wouldn’t spend my money on this lipstick again.



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