Mother’s Day Gifting 2017

I was on the ball for Mother’s Day and did my shopping super early, I wanted to share what I picked up in case it sparked any ideas in any of you!

My mom’s birthday is just a couple weeks before Mother’s Day so I did a combined gift. I ordered a limited edition essential oil diffuser from Saje. It’s navy blue and it was on for a sale price for April so I got super lucky. This was actually perfect timing because my mom’s house is very beige and I’m always telling her she needs to add a little colour. The navy blue will look so good with all the brown in her living room. I also picked up the Best of Saje Deluxe collection box which has 5ml bottles of Tranquility, Spa Spirit, Refresh, Liquid Sunshine, Exhale and Rain Forest. I picked this one because my mom has some problems falling asleep and this collection contains three calming blends but also because Refresh and Liquid Sunshine are my two favourite blends. I had this shipped right to my mom so I can’t share photos but you can see the Collection Box here and I will share the photo of the diffuser from the Saje website since it is limited edition.


For my mother -in-law I picked up a Yoga Kit from Saje. It has an anti bacterial spray for your yoga mat, a calming Yoga mist for creating a zen atmosphere and putting you at ease and a mini Peppermint Halo for treating headaches. It comes in a really cute little pouch that’s easy to carry in your purse to yoga class! I also potted a piece of my snake plant for her. I choose a blue pot that matches some new living room furniture she just got. Snake plants are super low maintenance as their leaves retain water so they only need to be watered once or twice a month, they don’t take up a lot of space because they just stand straight up and they are one of the best houseplants for purifying the air.

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