Saje | Essential Oils In The Work Place

Essential oils are like drugs and I am an addict. The past couple of months I have gotten super into Saje essential oils and that obsession has now expanded into my office. For the month of April Saje released two new limited edition Aromabreeze diffusers, a navy one and a black one with a glossy finish. They were released at a special price of 63.50, down from the regular $75 for an Aromabreeze. They also had their Brainstorm collection at a special price of $38.15 down from 44.95. I picked up the diffuser in black, and I got the Brainstorm collection because it seemed like a good fit for use in my office.

saje 3

So the reason I decided to pick up a diffuser for my office is because I work in a studio where my door is closed all day and there isn’t a lot of air flow. It gets really stuffy, and really warm. I figured the diffuser would make it a lot easier to breath and it really has.

The Brainstorm collection seemed best suited for use at work because it contains oils that are targeted towards keeping your energy up and keeping you focused. It has a 5ml bottle of Energy, Refresh, Exhale and Quick Study. They all have pretty similar bases and scent notes because mints and citruses are best for giving you that boost of energy and positivity.


The energy blend contains peppermint, lemon and rosemary to keep your mind sharp and a pep in your step while relieving stress. I have the Energy roll on as well. I really love the smell, and I definitely feel like it gives me a pick me up when I get a whiff of it.


The purpose of Refresh is pretty self explanatory. This is absolutely my favourite diffuser blend and I have noted that in all of my Saje posts. This blend contains lemon, spearmint and eucalyptus to awaken your senses, keep you feeling positive and calm your mind. It makes your space smell like a spa, it’s so relaxing and clean smelling.


Exhale is a cleansing blend with peppermint, eucalyptus and frankincense to calm, relax and refresh.

Quick Study

Quick Study is an awakening blend to help you focus. I’m really excited about this one because sometimes I can feel myself zoning out and I just have zero motivation to get anything done at work. It just feels like the day is going by in a blur and I don’t feel present. It contains lemon, myrtle and clary sage to energize while keeping you grounded and calm.

These products are on special at Saje until April 27th, 2017.


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