As A Vegetarian | My Views On Hunting

Hunting was a recent topic of discussion within my workplace and our community. One of my co-workers shared his views that an African Hunter who was killed was receiving “karma”. The man was a frequent hunter of lions, elephants, etc. and after he went missing, his remains were found in the stomach of two crocodiles.

Personally, I think this is incredibly sad! He was a husband and father of two, and now his family has been torn apart. Do I agree with his lifestyle? Not necessarily, but I also don’t believe that just because someone has opposing views to your own that they are terrible people. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and that’s OK. Every one is allowed to have their own beliefs; just mind your business, live your life how you choose to and make a difference in your own way, make the world a better place in your own way.

I understand that hunting is controlled in order to maintain a balance in animal population. Poachers are the problem, people who over hunt or hunt animals that are endangered or animals that are under protection (as you often hear stories about when it comes to trophy hunting in Africa). I also don’t believe in hunting for pure sport, if you’re hunting to support your family, if you’re hunting for survival, you do you. Otherwise, it disgusts me.

Animals being slaughtered for fun breaks my heart. Animals being slaughtered in general just makes me sad, it’s not something I feel ‘good’ about. Which is why I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t walk around trying to force those beliefs on other people. In my experience though, people who are avid hunters tend to be less dignified when it comes to discussing the topic (not always the case, some people can be very civil) which is why I just avoid bringing it up, since…I do live in Northern Alberta.

I am a Liberal voter in Northern Alberta. It ain’t easy.


These views are my person views and don’t reflect those of my employer

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