Products I Love | Spring Cleaning Edition

Cleaning is something I am constantly doing. I love a clean, fresh smelling, organized space with minimal clutter. I also have 3 dogs and cat in my house, and I live with two 20-something men. The cleaning pretty much all falls on me. But that’s okay, because not only do I love a clean home – I love to clean! Here are some of my favourite cleaning products to help you with your spring cleaning.


So to start, I do have a Roomba vacuum; which I run like 3 times a day. It is so nice to have because I can just turn it on and let it pick up all the dog hair while I get ready for work or something. I tend to run it more when it’s just me home and I’m doing other chores because ours is a couple years old and loud which my boyfriend finds annoying. We got our Roomba as a gift from my mom while it was on for an amazing Black Friday sale. It is an amazing investment, so I would definitely recommend watching for sales or putting it on your wish list for Birthday/Christmas ideas.

I use a Swiffer Wet Jet to mop my floors. It makes mopping so quick and painless. They have a Gain scented cleaner fluid in a green jug that I am obsessed with. They also have a citrus Febreeze scented fluid in an orange jug that is so amazing. They have a lavender scented one in a purple jug that I really don’t like cause I feel like it smells like baby wipes or diapers.

I use a Swiffer Duster to dust. They’re disposable and they seriously pick up everything. You can also get them infused with the citrus Febreeze and it’s amazing!

I also have one of the dry Swiffers for sweeping which works well for picking up dog hair but I use a broom to sweep up any dirt tracked into the house.

To wipe my counters I mostly use Clorox or Lysol wipes. I usually get lemon or orange. Lysol also has a green apple scent that is amazing. Again, I avoid lavender because it reminds me of baby products. These wipes are so convenient plus they kill germs.

I really like Windex All Purpose Spray for cleaning windows, the dining table, kitchen counters, bathroom vanities…really any surface. Lysol also has a green apple all purpose cleaner that is amazing and smells so gold, it’s probably my favourite and it’s another product that kill germs.

To clean my shower/tub I love lemon Vim with bleach. It leaves my bathroom so clean and smelling amazing. It also works great for the tile around my shower. It seriously wipes away everything.

For a toilet bowl cleaner I use Lysol. It comes in tons of “fresh” different scents. I find the consistency of the Lysol brand to be the best because I can apply it to the top of my bowl and it will just slowly drip. I’ll let it sit and then use a toilet brush to scrub. It works amazingly well to leave my toilet super clean and my bathroom smelling fresh.

To wash my dishes I always grab Cascade Platinum pods for my dish washer. For liquid soap I’m not using too picky but I do lean towards orange or apple scents (as I obviously usually do). I like Sunlight and Palmolive.


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2 Responses to Products I Love | Spring Cleaning Edition

  1. Marie says:

    I am looking for something all purpose mainly for surfaces that smells good and is safe for kids/babies. It’s hard to know what to buy these days. but the apple Lysol sounds great scent wise.

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