DavidsTea | Iced Tea Press + Summer Teas

For the past couple summers Davids Tea has offered a “Summer Tea” Program where you receive 20% off your loose leaf teas for the summer if you buy one of their iced tea products during a certain time frame. Last year it was their pitchers and this year it’s their iced tea presses. I picked up the electric grape iced tea press and a few summer tea flavors.


The iced tea press is really cool and I love it. It has an outside sleeve and an inside sleeve. You put your tea in the outside sleeve and then fill up to the line with hot water, let it steep. Fill the inside sleeve with ice. When your tea is done steeping you slide the inside sleeve into the outside sleeve and the tea comes up through mesh at the bottom, pressing the tea leaves to the bottle of the travel mug and icing the brewed tea. It’s super easy to use and really cute. The little design on it starts white, turns purple when you put the ice in, turns white again when it comes into the outside sleeve with the hot water but then turns purple again once everything is cooled. This is awesome for making an iced tea before I head to work in the morning. If you drink 4 full bottles using your iced tea press it is equivalent to your daily recommended 2 litres of water.

As for the summer teas; Caribbean Crush is one I’ve tried before, it’s really good. Tropical fruit based, not too sweet. I can’t rave enough about how delicious Blackberry Blizzard is. It has that sweet blackberry flavour with a creamy, vanilla finish. Sour Watermelon is surprisingly good; I expected it to taste like an artificial watermelon candy but it’s not really “sour” at all. I did only receive it as a sample so it could be brewed stronger and taste totally different but at the flavour level I was able to make it, I really liked it. Magic Dragon is a tangy fruit flavour with dragon fruit, blackberry, apple, rosehip and hibiscus. Hibiscus is really good for lowering cholesterol and dragon fruit is said to be the next big super fruit. It kind of tastes like a kiwi, melon, blackberry cross; I really like it! Caribbean Crush, Blackberry Blizzard, Sour Watermelon, and Magic Dragon are all caffeine free herbal teas. The other sample bags I have up there are goji pop which is obviously goji berries, another amazing super fruit that is both sweet and tangy, as well as grapefruit granita which is a green tea.

I loved my iced tea press so much that I ordered one for my mom and sister for Mother’s Day!


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