Influenster Review: Spring Vibes Vox Box

I recently received the Spring Vibes VoxBox from Influenster, it was full of a variety of products and I was sent it totally free to test and review. 19401297_10156207301068128_198144041_o

The first product I’ll touch on is the Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil. I don’t know if I would say I noticed my skin to be firmer but it was definitely very soft and smooth. The oil wasn’t too fragrant, it just smelled like regular body lotion. It also didn’t feel greasy and absorbed really quickly which I really liked.

I’m pretty apathetic about the granola bars from Quaker. I mean they were good, but nothing exceptional. They were definitely a crunchy granola bar which I really like.

The box contained a coupon for free Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. I picked up a bag of the 3 in 1 Power Paks. I haven’t really had the chance to appreciate the stain removing power but I really like the fresh smell and it does get my clothes very clean. I find the laundry pods so much more convenient and it’s what I always buy. These pods only come in one scent but I liked the way it smelled. The Arm and Hammer laundry pods are also pretty reasonably priced so I definitely think it’s something I would buy again in the future.

The Nescafe Coffee came with two packets of the original flavour and one french vanilla. It’s an instant coffee that contains skim milk powder so you just add your boiling water and it’s done. It was super convenient for making at work so I don’t have to keep milk or cream in the fridge. I definitely preferred the vanilla flavour. I wouldn’t say this coffee was overly creamy or sweet considering it’s called Sweet and Creamy but it is really good. This is something I’ll be buying to keep in my desk at work.

I really liked the Impress press on gel nails. They were easy to apply and they looked pretty natural. They only lasted about 3 days before they started to lose their stickiness but they only cost like $8 so I would definitely buy these to wear to a special occasion. I really liked that they came with little accent nails too.

The last product is the Annie’s organic mac and cheese. This is a much healthier alternative to Kraft Dinner for quick meals which I really like.  I usually make mac and cheese from scratch but this is great for just making it quickly. I did find the cheese flavour in this was a little sharp for me but it comes in regular cheddar and white cheddar as well.

Overall, this was a really great box and I was introduced to a few products I would definitely buy! You can follow me on Instagram to see more photos of the products.


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